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You are who HE SAYS you are.

As women, we are constantly doubting ourselves, questioning ourselves, wondering if we are doing "enough" or "being enough." The most comforting thing is knowing that our IDENTITY comes from Jesus alone. Not from our families, our marriages, our parenting, our skills, our jobs, our friendships, our strengths. Nothing. We were made in His image, and are called to focus fully on that WORTH.

The sad part is, when we doubt our potential, we are giving the enemy a way into our hearts and minds. When we wake up each day KNOWING we are daughters of the KING, the enemy is shaking in his boots. We have to truly battle those negative beliefs and fight back with scripture, being confident that we were created by God himself. Satan knows there is nothing he can do to pluck us from God's hand, or DESTROY us, so he will do anything else to DISTRACT us, DISCOURAGE us, DIMINISH us, REDIRECT US, and fill us with DOUBT.

So, how does he do this, then? By scattering challenges all over our lives.

He hopes that just the sight of these challenges will take us away from where God wants us.

He will allow friends to betray us, our kids will test us, our marriages will feel harder and more disconnected, family members will turn on us, our jobs may be failing, our to-do-list never getting done, things feel busier and more full of struggles, and we may even dislike how we are looking and feeling.

But, here's the good news: every single thing God’s Word declares about you is TRUE.

Even if you aren’t convinced of it! So, on days when you are feeling "less than", remember that God is MORE THAN anything you might possibly be going through or feeling. He is BIGGER THAN it all, and HE has conquered it all!

If you’ve been rejected by everyone else, you’ve been hand-picked and chosen and loved and pursued by the one true God.

God can reach you out of any pit of life, as far down as you may feel. You are never too far from God. He will take you as you are, but He wants to change you and transform you into MORE. Don't let your negative thoughts spiral you out of control, but take those thoughts, fears, and doubts to the throne of Jesus. He is waiting for you, and He already knows your heart anyway :)


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