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"Just as the gospel is not about getting ourselves to a place where we have no need for the grace of God, but realizing it is our only hope, so gospel-saturated parenting means placing our ultimate hope as parents not in our abilities to parent but in God’s willingness to save."

Parenting probably teaches me more about my desperate need for grace than any other thing in my life.

"God’s grace at work in our kids’ lives is our greatest, if not only, hope as parents."

I listened to such a good podcast today about parenting and the gospel. It really got me thinking, and it also got me really thankful!

I am so thankful for a school, teachers, and staff who love Jesus. Of course, we as parents need to preach the gospel at home, most importantly....but knowing they are being taught and shown God's love in school, when we aren't there, is the best feeling.

These kids. They are only ours for a short time. God created them, loves them, and uses them for His purpose. We as parents get the privilege and joy of raising them, loving them, discipling them, and sending them out into the world. I want them ready. I pray they grasp the gospel now, at this young age, and are so overwhelmed by Jesus as they continue growing.

I also don't want to miss it. I want to see them grow, learn, fail, succeed. I want them to mature, but I also want them to need me. I want to see them become independent and strong.

I want them to always see us as their examples, and I continuously pray we are leading them well.

I want them to be in the world, ready to share the Gospel, but not of the world, not easily shaken. I want them to be solid in their faith, with a healthy conviction of WHOSE they are, and who they live for!

I pray they realize how blessed they are to be surrounded by awesome friends and family who will hold them accountable in their walk with Christ, but also have a heart to reach those who don't yet know Jesus.

I want them to love Jesus above and accolades, sports, grades, successes, anything. ♥️

I pray our actions, priorities, decisions, values, schedules, and daily behavior show IMPERFECT, but point to a PERFECT GOD who we can't do this life without.

I pray we impact this next generation - as parents, as amazing schools, as strong marriages continue, as families get stronger, as values and convictions stand strong.

They are only ours a short time.

I don't want to be inconvenienced by them, but actually allow them to change me, while Christ changes us for HIS glory.

I mean, that is what we're here for anyway! ♥️🙏


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