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Mundane Moments? or Major Moments?

"As moms, we often feel trapped by the less exciting aspects of life. Burdened by the mundane, we wonder if we need to spend our time in better ways.

Finding meaning in the mundane is a good goal, but when meaning means adventures, accomplishments, and accolades, we might have missed the point.

Can the gospel help us have purpose and joy and see God's extraordinary work amid laundry mountains, rocking chairs, work commutes, sinks full of dishes, and long mornings of playtime with our children?"

- Risen Motherhood

In today's culture, it definitely feels like there is always something more, something better, something cooler and more worthwhile, and we must be "not there yet", because we still find ourselves wanting more and searching for more. What if we lived in the PRESENT, fully intentional and purposeful, fully invested in where God has us NOW, instead of looking and searching and desiring for something....dare I say, better? Or, more "valuable"? What if we stopped trying to find our identities in what we do, how we look, how much we have, finding joy in the "less fancy" and the "more normal" aspects of our lives. Sometimes, those mundane, repeated, everyday kinda moments are the moments that hold the most purpose, transformation, growth, and genuine joy.

As we continue in this life filled with social media, seeing everyone's best moments, everyone's highlight reels, everyone's "vulnerable posts" aka posts that are fully planned and pictured perfectly, it is hard to feel OK with our lives, and the "mundane" days. It is hard to feel content and satisfied with our normalcy and our day-to-day lives. But, because of Jesus and the gospel, we have hope and purpose. We can believe and be confident that He accomplishes so much good, even when we feel super ordinary. We can actually DO the mundane work, FOR His glory. There is such a satisfaction in that.

He CAN, He WILL, and HE DOES use ordinary, mundane people and ordinary, mundane moments. For HIS GLORY. We may not always realize or acknowledge the way God is using us in our everyday lives, relationships, jobs, marriages, motherhood, opportunities, struggles, but when we know He is the One above it ALL, we can trust the outcome.

Today, as you feel ordinary, doing ordinary work, without any accolades or accomplishments that deem "worthy" in this culture, know that YOU HAVE PURPOSE.

You are extraordinary, and the small moments are reminding us of how small we are, and how BIG our God is!

Keep working, keep shining, keep praying, keep trusting.

As you take care of littles, thank Him.

As you love your husband, thank Him.

As you clean up your house, thank Him.

As you discipline kids over and over, thank Him.

As you wash dishes and fold laundry, thank Him.

As you have rare moments of time with friends, thank Him.

As you feel less than, unimportant, unacknowledged, and unappreciated, thank Him.

THANK HIM THAT HE CREATED YOU PERFECTLY IN HIS IMAGE. Failures, struggles, doubts, and all. Thank Him for the beauty all around us, even in the small moments.

Thank Him for breath, and for the privilege and blessing to bring Him glory, through it all.

"There is no mundane moment too small for God's glory to shine through it."


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