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Updated: May 9

"The steadfast love of the LORD never ceases; his mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning; great is your faithfulness." Lamentations 3: 22- 23

This weekend, I had the opportunity to speak at a Mother's Day Tea Party at our church. I wanted to share it here as well, in case any mamas out there could use some encouragement.

What you do as a mom, day in and day out, MATTERS. You were given these children for a purpose!

Hello, beautiful moms, daughters, aunts, grandmas!  It is so fun to be here today with all of you.

The best part about today is the fact that we all have this THING in common.  We are all women, wanting to raise our beautiful daughters in the best way, in this crazy world, right?

We definitely need each other!  Look around the room and see all the women and daughters here, in this same season of life as us, deep in the trenches, and remember these faces!  God did not design us to mother alone, and I feel like that is so important to remember!

So, a little about me.  This month, Jimmy and I will celebrate 17 years of marriage!  I have 4 kids. I was a SAHM for almost 12 years before going back to teaching this year.  I teach Middle school math currently, but only for 19 more days, then I get to just teach about Jesus!  Growing up, I was always the more girly one - sisters taking clothes, etc.  I just KNEW deep down God was going to give me a whole bunch of little girls.  My first baby ultrasound - BOY.  I cried.  Yep.  Don’t get me wrong, I love that boy now, haha, but I was so confident!  Next baby, BOY.  Next baby, BOY.  By that point, I came to terms with the fact that I would be a boymom forever.  I had all the shirts, all the hats.  After that third, we got rid of all baby stuff.  We were tired, busy, and done.  Or…so we thought.  A couple years later, God surprised us completely with our baby girl.  Now moms, we love our boys, so much.  Without a doubt.  But there is just something special and different about our relationship with our girls, am I right?  It is just unmatched!  

It’s crazy to see a little version of ourselves running around - sometimes a little scary! Haha.

Ok so, Motherhood, let’s sum it up- super easy, right?  Like a nice walk in the park?  HA.  If only!  Yea, right.  How many moms have cried about something related to motherhood in the past, let’s say, 2 weeks?

I consider Motherhood to be the hardest job I’ve ever loved.  It is such a privilege and an honor to be given these little people to love, and disciple, and raise, but we can go from feeling like the best mom in the world, to wondering where in the world we are, what our name is, and how God thought we could possibly be trusted to handle something like this.  We are in charge of raising a human to be an amazing, Christ-like woman!?  We can totally find true joy in motherhood, only when we consider and remember the work of Jesus!

I was asked to speak at this event today, and was given a passage in Ruth.  

Naomi was a Jewish woman from Bethlehem in Judah.  Her husband took her and her two sons away to escape a famine.  While they were there, Naomi’s husband died, and her two sons married two Moabite women (one of them named Ruth).  Then, Naomi’s sons died.  Naomi heard that God had blessed his people in Judah by giving them good crops for food again, so she took her two daughters in law and set out for Judah.  On the way, Naomi told her daughters in law to go back to their own mother’s home.  They wanted to go with her, but Naomi told them to go home and marry other men.  However, Ruth clung tightly to Naomi.  She told her, “Wherever you go I will go, wherever you live I will live.  Your people will by my people and your God will be my God.”  So Ruth and Naomi went back to Judah.  Naomi acknowledged her bitterness, but still had a faith.  Long story short, Ruth met Boaz, and he took care of them, and she later married him, and had a son named Obed.  Naomi cared for Obed like he was his own.  Obed then went on to have a son named Jesse, who had a son named David.  Many, many years later, Ruth and Boaz’s descendants would include Jesus, the Savior of the World!

As I was reading through this beautiful story of Ruth and Naomi, I had a few thoughts as to which topics I wanted to kind of dive into a little deeper.

  1. Afflictions / Struggles:

Afflictions aren’t fun, right?  They can change us and form us greatly, but we don’t always like the struggle while we are IN IT. Motherhood is filled with struggles, and being a young girl is hard, too!! The best news is, we don’t face these trials alone.  The Bible tells us that Jesus faced every affliction we have and will face, and he triumphed over them!  

How many times have afflictions, difficulties, and hard days come your way, and you are reminded that you cannot do this alone?  We’ve all seen the bumper stickers and the cell phone cases, right?  “YOU ARE ENOUGH.”  I’m gonna be straight up honest - I know for a fact I aint enough.  I aint a good enough wife, a good enough friend, and surely not a good enough mother -      BUT CHRIST!!!  And I’m gonna step out on a ledge here and assume, as awesome as you guys all are in this room, you aren’t either 🙂 BUT CHRIST!

So, as hard as trials may be, those days of feeling “not enough” are the days that remind us that we cannot MOTHER in our own power.  We see books everywhere - how to be the perfect parent, raising kids today, 3 easy steps to get your kids to respect you - etc.  We are taught to believe that motherhood comes with step-by-step instructions, or that our motherhood will look like the perfect Instagram-worthy pictures ….until we actually take that baby home from the hospital, right?  You think you have a system down with that baby one week, then the next week BOOM, totally different baby.  You think your sweet 1st grader is just an angel, an innocent and sweet child, then BOOM hormonal middle schooler.  And then, have a second kid, a third, kid, a 4th kid….then you just gotta live on your knees! 

But, why do we feel this way?  Why do we have so many days or weeks or months where our insufficiencies are just so visible?  When we feel like a total failure? When we aren’t enough!  Kind of like how Ruth was probably feeling, right?? Why??? SO GOD CAN BE SEEN AND NEEDED AND PURSUED.  I often tell my kids, if I was the God of the universe, I would absolutely let my people suffer a little, I’d let them feel insufficient in allllll the areas - b/c hey, then maybe they will come running back to me, as I wait with open arms.  

God allows us to feel insufficient in motherhood, for a greater purpose. 

Philippians 1:6 says, “being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus”.  We can trust that God has a greater purpose than the struggle we face today, and that He will carry us to completion!  He will be with us through it. He uses every single hard season to make us more like Him, even when we don’t see it.  Do you all remember having babies and thinking, “Oh my goodness it will get easier when…” and then it never actually got easy, right?? The seasons of life change, and there is probably always something that feels hard, but without the challenges, we wouldn’t need Jesus!

We see this in Ruth- In her darkest days - her husband dying, her sons dying, moving to escape famine, just pure tragedy - she remembered who her King was.  

She did not run away from the hard.  She had a fullness that came from knowing God, a fullness that can never be emptied - a fullness that cannot be emptied, and sometimes cannot be explained - other than CHRIST.

As we go through life and being a mom, the day-in-and-day-out 24/7 thing, we HAVE to surrender and trust him wholly. He meets us where we are in the struggle, and doesn’t expect us to first be the “perfect mother” or “perfect daughter” before he steps in. He meets us, and wants to continue transforming us to be more like Him.

2. My second topic I wanted to dive into from these scripture passages is the topic of “going against the world” - being different.  What are some common things culture nowadays is teaching us about motherhood or being a girl, and just being a mom or daughter in general?

Make your kids the best at everything. 

Success is how much money you make.

Church and God aren’t THAT important - fit them in when you can.

Make sure whatever you do, just keep your kids happy.

Looks matter - dress to fit into the world. Show your bodies.

What you have in life determines who you are.

If something or someone is difficult, just remove it from your life.

No no no no and no.  As mothers living for Christ, we are called to be different.  Girls, you are ALSO called to be different!  The Bible tells us to be in the world but not OF the world - what does that mean to you?  Culture gives us so many images on how we should look as women and girls, but Christ and His Word do not agree.  If people can look at us, our relationship, our families, our lifestyle, and see NOTHING different, we have to question if we are really living for Jesus.

Girls, I talk straight up to my kids and my students.  I don’t sugar coat.  I often tell my middle school girls that if they leave my classroom and go out into the world, and they fully blend in - they go along with the clothes, the trends, the songs, the behaviors, etc., they are not surrendered to Christ! FULLY surrendered!   If we are living 90% for Jesus, and 10% for ourselves and the world, the Bible tells us we are not truly transformed.  We as women and girls will look different because CHRIST makes us different, makes us set apart, makes us holy!

One huge thing that affects us today is obviously the social media world.  Girls, God made you EXACTLY the way He wanted you!!  Do not allow anyone to tell you differently.  And Mothers, protect your girls from that.  Remind them that they are worthy because they are HIS.  

Psalm 139: 13 - 14 says:

13 For you formed my inward parts;

    you knitted me together in my mother's womb.


I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.

There you go - He made you perfectly in your mother’s womb.  He knew everything about you before he formed you!  Be confident in THAT.  The God of the universe made YOU.

The distractions of this world will pull us in every direction, but NONE OF IT SATISFIES. THe only thing that will last forever is JESUS.

3. My 3rd topic is how GOD IS AT WORK IN THE ORDINARY, MUNDANE DETAILS.  The gospel meets us in our EVERYDAY LIFE.  Maybe in this season of motherhood, we aren’t in 17 Bible studies and we aren’t leading small groups and we aren’t waking at 4am to spend 2 hours in prayer.  But, we can worship while folding laundry, we can pray with them driving all over town getting them to sports, we can be on our knees while we are up with sick kids, we can be meditating on scripture opened up on our kitchen island as we cook for our family.  God is IN those moments.  From being a newborn baby, all the way through teenage years, He is working in you and them. GOD IS USING YOU TO CHANGE THEM, and using THEM TO CHANGE YOU. Think of how much you've changed since becoming a mom? Everything changes !

He is always working behind the scenes, though we sometimes may not even realize or recognize it. He can take our tiny moments that no one sees or knows about to create impactful, mighty little girls who grow into mighty women!  He can use us, as sinful and depraved as we are, to change generations.  We are called to be spiritual warriors over our children - to raise them in Godly homes, train them up and disciple them, and send them out into the big big world! Every single little thing we do over time adds up to be the BIG THINGS.  Every time we sacrifice, every time we stay up a little later to lay in bed with them and talk and pray, every time we wake before the sun to prepare everything they need for the day, while playing our worship music, every time we walk them through a hard friendship, every time we host their friends at our house and they see us praying over our meal and eating together, every time they see us broken and crying, yet still RUNNING to Jesus as our satisfaction.  Those aren’t glorified, those aren’t deemed as “important” nowadays, but you better believe that those may be the life-changing moments.   

God doesn’t need us to be these world-changers, or for you to, girls….. but home-changers.    Because of Naomi’s faithfulness and Ruth’s following, Jesus was brought into the world!  Talk about small tasks being life-changing!  Imagine had she given up, ran from God, and put everything else in her life above her faith.  God just wants us available!!!  Tuned in to where and how He can use us!  God can accomplish big things with small obedience and small tasks!  And remember, God can use us, as sinful as we are. He can use us with our many failures and doubts.

Our second son, Jase - he is so sweet and so special. But do you have any kids who have traits just like you, and you are determined to get that OUT of them?? HAHA. He is stubborn, strong-willed, and doesn't like to apologize. Wonder where he gets it? ;)

So, this is something I specifically pray over him - for God to continue to soften his heart. I've prayed this for years, and still don't usually see much change in him. Until this one day...our boys were fighting over a toy, and, being boys, they don't just yell or argue, they fist fight! Jase leaned in and just unloaded on our youngest. It stopped me in my tracks, and I immediately yelled, "JASE!" I expected him to freak out, lose it, get mad, not admit, etc. But, something different happened. He stopped. His entire demeanor changed. He looked at Jude and said, "JUDE, I AM SO SORRY!" That was it for me - I started crying! I finally saw the fruit of our prayers and discipline, and it took my breath away. I embraced him and we both cried. I was so proud of him and his heart. THIS was an example of the small things being BIG THINGS. This wasn't an award-winning, world-deeming "SUCCESS", but as parents, THIS WAS SUCCESS. God is so faithful.

I love this story of Ruth because it shows how sometimes ordinary people like us don’t even know when God is using ordinary moments for HUGE PURPOSE. He is using you and He will continue to use you.

Motherhood is not just an “ordinary calling”.  

I love this quote by Elisabeth Elliot: “the God who controls the wheeling galaxies and who spoke before the foundation of the world must be the God who holds the smallest circumstance of your life in His hands.”

The smallest circumstances!!  They all matter.

  1. My last topic is HOW and WHY.  How do we build and foster this kind of relationship - a sacrificial love where a daughter knows her mom seeks Christ above all else. - kind of how Ruth looked at Naomi. And WHY do we do this?

Well, what does the Bible tell us?  Surrender yourself, take up your cross, and follow Him.  It doesn’t say to live for the things of this world, AND THEN ADD A LITTLE JESUS.  It says leave it all behind, it is all rubbish, it is all vain.  How do we do this?  Well, when we really and truly understand and embrace the gospel, we can’t HELP but live this way!  We can’t help but surrender all we have for Christ, forsaking EVERYTHING.  All of Life, ALL of CHRIST.  ALL OF US.

Girls - Jesus is EVERYTHING.  He is all you need.  Nothing that this world and this culture tells you is important will EVER satisfy you.  At this age, you can truly grasp onto the Gospel and what Jesus did for you, and have such an impact in your school and your friendships!

More important than How am I raising these kids, is the question: WHY AM I RAISING THESE KIDS? Beautiful girls, why did God bless us with you? He says you are a blessing - he doesnt say that about many things.

WHy do we do this? Why is this so important?  YOU ARE OUR FIRST MISSION.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want my kids to remember how I had a great job that paid me a lot, or the best and most expensive fashion, or that I was the “cool mom” who let them do what they wanted.  I don’t want them to remember me running them from sport to sport, activity to activity, being rushed and not as present.

I want them to remember how strong our relationship was.  Our openness, our quality time, our conversations, our failures and successes TOGETHER, our hard talks and our fun girls nights together.  I want them to remember me mostly for being on my knees for them.  I want them to see me each morning up early in my Bible.  I want them to know that their mom was DIFFERENT, and that their mom didn’t care what the world thought of her.  I want them to know with full confidence that their mom forsook it all FOR HIM.  It is never too late to begin. Our home is where our kids can see the gospel LIVED OUT.  We cannot leave their lives up to church, and school, and youth pastors!  Girls, you are OURS for a PURPOSE.  The enemy wants our kids, he wants our marriages, he wants our time, he wants our hearts, and our lives!  But we serve a GREATER GOD, a God who has already WON.  We have got to grasp that and give that to them!  Our kids will learn to believe the gospel and love the gospel by how well we as their moms and dads articulate it, and how we live it.  Do they see it in us?  Do they see unconditional love, graciousness, forgiveness, faithfulness in us?  

Now….why?  Why do we want them to remember these things? BECAUSE THAT IS HOW WE WANT YOU GIRLS TO LIVE.  That is the legacy we want to pass down.  What we do and say matters, but HOW WE LIVE MATTERS MORE - our lives speak volumes to our girls.

Naomi saw Ruth, and wanted to follow her wherever she went. This girl wasn’t even her real daughter - yet she wanted to go where she went.  She saw something different in her. 

Our kids are only with us for a matter of years, and were given to us for the purpose of mission.  We are responsible for leading them towards God’s plan.  The coolest thing for us as moms is to see our kids, fully surrendered to Christ, following His plan, knowing that we had a huge part in that, but that GOD CONQUERED IT.  Girls, we want to be FAITHFUL PARENTS.  Faithful to Christ and His calling on our lives. There is no greater joy than to see our kids in love with Christ!

Psalm 127:3–5 says

Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord,

    the fruit of the womb a reward.

Like arrows in the hand of a warrior

    are the children[a] of one's youth.

We will send these girls out into the world in just a matter of years.  Are we sugarcoating the gospel, or are we fully surrendered and raising them to have jesus above all?  

Our kids are born into a sinful world, yes.  But they also are modeling what we are doing as moms.  Are we leading them CLOSER to Jesus, or closer to the WORLD?

Girls, you see who your mom hangs out with, what your moms talk about, what your moms watch on tv, how your moms live their lives and what is most important to them.

The Bible says, “Unless the Lord builds the house,

    those who build it labor in vain.”  

Our home is meant to be a place of ministry.  

May His favor be upon us….for a thousand generations.

So start now. 

Start small - read your Bibles together.  Pray together.  Invite friends over to let them see you ministering to them.  Have family worship nights.

Now, let’s always remember that GOD is the one who saves.  As I said at the beginning, we will still never be enough, but we can live in a way to point them to JESUS.  We cannot change their lives in our own power, but we believe that CHRIST can forever change them!

As I close, I wanted to share a story in my own life the other night.

I had a hard day.  You know when you start doing something big for God, and Satan immediately just starts attacking you? Lol  I had a day like that.  I was bombarded with a few things that made me question my worth, really doubt myself, I mean I even questioned and thought Who am I to speak here tonight.  I got in bed with Layla, as I do every night - yes, she’s 4.5 and I still lay with her every night.  My husband always asks me when I’ll stop, and I joke and say never. Haha.  Anyway, so I get in bed, still teary-eyed and just my mind full of thoughts, and  we are laying in the dark and she’s holding my hand.  And she just starts singing her Easter song….”No matter how this world will test me, I know how my Jesus loves me, He is all I’ll ever need.  Surely, I will fail and fall down, but God won’t even see my sin, cause Jesus washed it all away.”  That was all I needed.  That was God saying, “Lisa, I GOT YOU.  You are ok, you are weak but I am strong.  You doubt, but I AM FAITHFUL.  You have hard days, but I have already conquered it all.” 

Daughters - you are made with a purpose!  Your mama who brought you here today adores you, sacrifices for you, and would give anything for you.  Always remember that.  You are hers for a SHORT time on this earth.  One day, God-willing, you will grow up, find an amazing husband, and maybe even start a family of your own.  But you will NEVER forget the impact your Mom had on you.  Not ever.  You will ALWAYS need your mama.

Moms - God made YOU the perfect mom for HER.  No one else.  You are irreplaceable. You have purpose.  You are given everything you need because Jesus is enough.  But we need Jesus to live this way.  Every moment of every day.

As we continue on, remember Naomi and Ruth’s story - our daughters are watching and learning from us.   What do our lives say?

“We pass on the gospel to the next generation of worshipers, who will pass on the gospel to the next generation, and so on. The aim of our motherhood is to declare the good news to the next generation, “to a people yet unborn” (Ps. 22:31). We pass on the gospel because we know it is the only thing that will give our children the strength and motive to give their own lives in making disciples.”

If you’ve heard anything from today, I hope it’s a clear representation of the good news of JESUS, available to all of us, in every SINGLE season of motherhood.  Perfect motherhood isn’t possible, but we serve a perfect Savior who GAVE US this privilege.

Let’s remember that These are the BEST DAYS OF OUR LIVES.  Our hands are full ALL the time.  We will look back on these years and wish for them back.  In years, we will wish for the hard baby years, the non-stop toddler years, the crazy middle school years…let’s live NOW in a way to make the biggest difference in our kids’ lives, FOREVER.

He must be central.  There is no other option and no other way to live.


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