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Family Devotions

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

One thing I remember from my childhood was our family devotion time. My parents and my 3 sisters and I would have a devotional, we would have share/question time, and we would always end with all of us praying. This was always one of my favorite times of the night, even if there were some nights we fought having this time. Now, as parents of 4, we know how tiring the end of the night is. Some days are crazy and nonstop, and we count down to bedtime. It would be easier to just skip our devotion time, get the kids in bed, and have some alone time for Jimmy and I to hang out. BUT, when we consider and remember how pivotal this time of their life is, we try our best to make this family devotion time happen. Sometimes they love it and beg for this time, and sometimes they fight and don't want to participate. But, we know that God is honored in this time, and that, even through the crazy nights, the kids still hear what we are saying, and pray along with us as we pray over them. We are so hopeful that our efforts and desires of our hearts will make huge differences in their lives, and we pray that they seek Jesus with all of their hearts.

We have a little rhyme we follow for our devotion time: Pray, Eat, Read, Sing. Family devotions can be done anytime, but we usually do it after dinner time. We eat together, the kids pray over the food, then we have our Bible/devotion/journal time, and then of course we end with singing and dancing!

I will link some of our favorite Family Devotion links for you!


From my Instagram:

This world. It is so fleeting. So much on my mind & heart lately. So much in this life that feels important. But geez, it totally isn't. I hope that, as you scroll my page, you see my heart & my true passions. Sure, I post videos and pictures, and even workouts and hair tutorials - do those things matter and MAKE our lives? Not at all. I enjoy it, I have a passion for encouraging women, and it is super fun for me to have an outlet and be creative and be proud of my little "mompreneur stuff." . . But....these do not define me! These things, they help me be a better me for the things that TRULY matter. . . I felt funny even posting happy, cheerful posts today. Currently, in my life, I have: friends with very sick kids, I have friends fighting for their marriages, I have friends fighting cancer, girlfriends suffering from depression, mom friends feeling super alone. And the list could go on, unfortunately. . . As I rocked Layla tonight, I held her closer, and was just in tears thinking & praying for all these friends. Tucked her in, then came out to all the boys reading Ephesians and "journaling." Insanely messy office, but I saw none of it. I saw love, and honesty, and family, and so much grace. A husband who loves Jesus, and kids we are praying live for Him, too. . . I wish I had all the extra time to hug all of these friends, but for now, know I am praying. Hard. And know, that behind alllllll the posts I make, there's a real girl there, with real feelings, and real passions, who just loves to share things she loves, things that work for her, and things that help her enjoy this crazy life just a little more!🤗 . . Ephesians 3:17 "... so that Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith—that you, being rooted and grounded in love."


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