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Updated: Aug 4, 2022

“You are as much serving God in looking after your own children, & training them up in God’s fear, & minding the house, & making your household a church for God, as you would be if you had been called to lead an army to battle for the Lord of hosts.”

Charles Spurgeon

If we don't teach our kids everything about who Jesus is, the world will teach them everything He isn't. If we don't teach our kids to live for Christ, the world will give them many other things to live for. This is our time with them, time we cannot get back.

After all the craziness in the world the past couple years, we decided to keep our kids home, and started our home education. If you would've asked me a few years ago if I would ever homeschool my kids, I would've never said yes...ever. But, after having them home, and then attempting to put them back into school, the differences we saw in them, and the negative changes we saw and experienced within just a few weeks, we knew our conviction was to bring them home with us for school / learning / life! My main thing when deciding to keep them home was to not allow our lives to revolve around homeschooling. I didn't want to convert our house into a classroom, or tell everyone we meet that we homeschool, or just altogether make it into an idol. This was what God laid on our hearts, and we were just doing it - really for HIM, for them, for us, and for no one else. It was our family decision, and by no means did I want it to consume our lives and thoughts. I wanted to blend normal life, adventures, routines, school, family time into our every day. I wanted our days to be about living for Jesus, and family and friends - not about living for homeschooling.

Another important thing to me was to not assume or teach the boys that we were any better than anyone else, just because we took our kids out of school. We were by no means better than, or above anything. We saw the difference in our boys' hearts and behaviors when we tried putting them into school, and knew God was leading us to this.

Some don't have the same convictions, some don't have the ability to have kids home, etc., and all of the different ways of schooling are awesome and work better for others. My boys learned that homeschool wasn't even a huge topic of conversation, but that this was just the way we did education - nothing better than anyone else! Our way was no better than anyone else's way.

When talking about all of this over the past few years, I always reminded my boys that we did not remove them from school to shelter them, to fully protect them, or because school was "below us." The "things of the world" are everywhere (I mean, even as adults, we still struggle with it all). We didn't want to pretend the craziness around us isn't happening, and shelter them from reality.

But instead, we wanted and desired more time with them, especially during these formidable years, to grow and shape them and pray with them that God would grasp their hearts, and prepare them even more to then go into the world. We can't protect them from this crazy world, but we CAN give them a solid foundation to face the world. The conversations and discussions we had, gosh, they were priceless. We were able to walk them through things, explain things to them, and protect their hearts and minds from what the world wants to spew onto them and into them. We could have never had opportunities for the talks we had, and the relationship we built with them, and them with each other - it's something we would've never known was possible.

And THAT, that was our main purpose and goal in all of this. Quality time and intentional time, preparing them to walk into the classroom, stronger for Jesus, ready to share Him with others.

I think that having them home for a year, then attempting to put them into school, made it SO clear that we needed more time with them and their hearts. These few solid years have been exhausting, in every way, but honestly, so sweet and life-changing - both for them, and us.

Come August, for the first time since starting to have kids 10 years ago, we are going to have NO kids home! We prayed and trusted, and this is where God us leading us at this moment!

All 4 kiddos are going to school, and we are both ecstatic and sad at the same time.

Even while knowing for sure that we were doing what God wanted us to do, I can honestly say the past few years have been some of the hardest and most trying, in many ways - mentally, physically, emotionally, all of it. The thing God wants us to do isn't always the "easier" or "more comfortable" thing. And it definitely doesn't come without struggles.

I cried a lot, I laughed a lot, I prayed a lot, I relied on Jesus a lot. And I tell you what, through it all, He taught me and changed me and grew me SO much. He changed me in ways I wouldn’t have experienced without the challenges and struggles and the small victories. He taught me real sacrifice, selflessness, patience, a trust I never knew, a faith I never would've understood, and a HOPE.

When we started our homeschooling, Jimmy and I (surprisingly!) agreed fully on our decision. It was actually awesome, because there is usually one of us that is more hesitant, or one that is more confident. But the decisions we made for our family the past few years, we’ve been so united. And I know God was working on both of us. We really learned to hold things loosely - nothing is permanent, and nothing is forever. And seasons change. And God is good through it all.

“Together my wife and I are building the kingdom of God, exercising dominion, beating back the weeds of stinky diapers, tending the garden God has put us in. This is why my dear wife vacuums the floor, for it is part of the garden she has been called to dress and to keep. But she is doing this not as raw duty, but because she understands that she is exercising dominion over the dust, for the glory of Christ.”

R.C. Sproul, Jr.

We agreed to take it year by year, day by day. Just because we took them out of school, it didn’t mean we had to keep them home forever. Maybe one year home, maybe one year in school, maybe one month in school and back home! - whatever it was gonna be, we were open and ready. The boys have transitioned so well, and adapted better than we could have imagined. They have seen us take hard steps in faith, not knowing the outcome, and it NOT being easy or comfortable. They have seen us struggle and be forced to rely on Jesus’s strength alone, because we just weren’t strong enough on our own.

And it didn’t only change us It changed them, too.

God hasn’t just sent you to do his work in the lives of your children; he will use the lives of your children to advance his work in you.”

Paul David Tripp

My 2 biggest boys had the chance to spend every day together, something that wasn't happening in school. I remember picking them up from school, and their entire demeanor was different. They fought more, they treated each other worse, and we saw them drifting apart. Their hearts just felt hard, and it was hard to watch as a Mom. I hated it, and I wanted that to change. The memories they made and the friendships they built would not have happened without our decision to bring them home and teach them here, with us. The four of them were able to see each other grow and change, and for those years, we are SO thankful.

One huge way God showed me how special this time really was was when the two of them went to Kids camp for a week. The second or third night, my 8-year-old started crying, asking to see his brother (10-year-old). They were able to go outside of their cabins and just talk and hug and cry. When Jase told me about this, I asked him why he was so sad. He said, “I just really missed Jackson. I am so used to being with him everyday, Mom.” That one sentence right there was like God telling me YOU MADE THE RIGHT DECISION, as hard as it was, Lisa!

“Parenting is either a thing of the highest treasure to you, and that is demonstrated in your choices, words, and actions every day, or it’s not.”

Paul David Tripp

And, it was hard. Very hard. There were many days I doubted myself and my choice, usually behind tears and many emotions. Could I do this? Was I doing a good enough job? Did they need more? Should we just change our mind and take the “easier route”? Will I ever have a "life" again?

But the more we prayed, the more we knew that God was using the hard times to show us things we wouldn’t have seen. THIS WAS OUR LIFE, FOR THIS SEASON. A life full of hard days, and amazing days. A life full of seeing our babies learn to love Jesus and love each other better.

See, as a Mom, we want to do everything we can for our kids. We want to guide them, protect them, love them, teach them, grow them….and all of that, it comes with a cost. Sometimes the cost is we lose a little bit of who we are, in the midst of parenting and caring for kids 24/7. It is easy to feel that, and I know that in the next coming months, God is going to give Jimmy and I a time of refreshment and rejuvenation that we have definitely been missing. I am going to have more time to do things I really have passion for, outside of "momming". And I can now say the kids are more ready, and we are more ready. The time we’ve spent with them has been worthwhile and meaningful, and we know they are ready to thrive and be an example to their friends!

Through these past few years, I’ve seen the goodness of God, and the goodness in FOLLOWING GOD. It’s freeing. It’s joyful. It’s full of hope and peace. I can walk and trust and move in faith, knowing He will not leave me or forsake me. I can make decisions knowing that if we continue looking to Him and HIS will, He will continue to guide us. I can fail and mess up and beg on my knees for help, and still know that His plan is better than mine can ever be. I can know something is HARD, without asking God to remove the hard! I can stand in the hard, grow, change, transform, and come out even closer to Jesus. I can find joy in less, and hold things more loosely.

In the past few weeks, I’ve heard from homeschool families, “Oh wow, I thought now you’d just always homeschool. Can’t believe you’re sending them back to school!”

I’ve heard from school families, “Good!! Now you can finally get a break from them!”

I’ve heard it all, and the funny part is, none of the comments or questions make me doubt our decisions the past few years….like, at all. Not for a second. Each step we took and decision we made was right for US, in THAT moment, and THAT season. And I can CLEARLY see the hand of God in every.single.decision.we.made. And that is worth it all. Every change and step led us to where we are today.

You know what the cool part is about following God? I can walk in complete freedom, making choices and trusting Him….knowing that He still has a plan, whether or not we mess up or fall off path. I can pray, take steps in faith, and have a complete peace. Because He is over it all anyway. My kids are His, and we are just privileged enough to be used as vessels to guide them, love them, teach them, and pray for them.

We will never do everything perfectly, but we serve a perfect God, who loves us perfectly.

He has already gone behind us, before us, and beside us.

We are just His ambassadors in our children.

“And they understand that if their children grow and mature in life and godliness, they become not so much their trophies, but trophies of the Savior that they have sought to serve. For them, it’s God who does the work and God who gets the glory; they are just gratified that they were able to be the tools that God used.”

Paul David Tripp

Could we have done 1,000 other things the past few years, while our kids could’ve been in school? Sure. Are we glad we didn’t? Are we glad we fully poured into our kids, day in and day out, as exhausting as it has been? Heck yes. Did we see God move in ways we would've missed? YEP.

God is good, all the time. With Him, we can live in freedom, and actual joy. Because we know this world is just our temporary home. Let's make the most of it.

“Successful parenting is not about achieving goals (that you have no power to produce) but about being a usable and faithful tool in the hands of the One who alone is able to produce good things in your children.”

Paul David Tripp


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